Worlds Smallest Wireless Flash Trigger!

You guys know how much I love off-camera flash. When I first really got into it, I was using Nikon’s CLS system which was effective, but had a lot of limitations. Over time, radio technology has improved so dramatically to the point that the triggers are getting smaller and smaller.

The other day, I received this tiny box from FlashQ with what they’re claiming to be the world’s smallest wireless flash triggers. In the box is a transmitter and two wireless receivers. The batteries are included.

In just a matter of minutes, I had the entire system up and running. The nice thing about this system is the simplicity. There’s not a lot to know other than the basics of off-camera flash. This system is meant to be used where you are manually controlling your flash power. That means, that you will get your ambient exposure set then add flash power.

So you have the convenience of wireless off-camera flash control, minus the ability to control the flash power wirelessly. This is not a problem because the size of this system is amazing. The entire system fits in the palm of your hand and I know that I will be using them with my Fuji’s because they hardly take up space in my camera bag.

I’m also super-excited that I was able to flash sync up to 1/1000 sec with my Fujifilm X100T. For most DSLR’s you will be limited to a maximum sync of 1/250, but I was glad to see that I could crush ambient with my Fuji.

For the full specs on this system, please visit their website:

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