Was I Too Harsh With My Critique?

In this Squarespace portfolio critique I don’t hold back with my suggestions. Oli’s site has a lot of potential. Solid work, but there are many areas that could be improved to help present his work in the very best way.

I am not coming down on Oli in my critique, but I’m offering a lot of helpful suggestions for him to improve the flow of his site.

A website portfolio is your virtual business card. Clients are going to visit your site to get a sense of the quality of your work and your professionalism with your business.

I found many areas of Oli’s site that were frustrating for me to navigate. I know that editing your work for your website is a huge task, but keep in mind that less is more. Showcase ONLY your very best work. Keep the redundant and repetitive photos out of there. If you’ve got 3 similar images, just pick one.

People have a very short attention span on the web. Give them a good taste of your work, but don’t show them everything. And as I have said before, a good image next to a great image will reduce the impact of the great image.

I also felt that the website should be mostly wedding-focused, with perhaps some sub-galleries of his other work. The wedding work clearly looks like how Oli gets most of his business. There’s nothing wrong with adding other work, but keep it simple and concise.

I also suggest that you always put a photo of yourself in your About page. Keep the photo personal and welcoming. And if your bio doesn’t read well or seems wordy, cut it down. Spend the time writing it and editing it so that it flows.

Please keep in mind that I’m using Oli’s site as an example to help all of you guys with your portfolio websites. Oli has solid work up there and with some editing and refinement, I feel his site will be better for presenting his work and business to potential clients.

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