Tech Talk #002

In this episode of Tech Talk, I discuss Canon’s new speed light, the 600EX-RT and how it’s raising the bar by incorporating radio technology into the unit. This eliminates the need for additional radio triggers like Pocket Wizards and gives you so much flexibility as a shooter to have the range and power of radio!

I move on to discuss the ridiculousness of the Pentax 645D in gloss Red. Yuck. It’s awful, gaudy and gross. File under “What were they thinking?!?!?”. Contrast to the Pentax 645D is Leica’s S2 system that is beyond gorgeous. The camera and lenses are of course built beautifully – as only one would expect from Leica. Handling the S2 is a dream – so nicely balanced, simple and elegant.

I go on to discuss the importance of backing up your files. YOU NEED A BACKUP STRATEGY!!!! It’s an investment into your future. Sure, spending your hard-earned cash on hard drives is super boring, but losing your precious files is heartbreaking.

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