Could Soft Focus Cost You Jobs? Squarespace Portfolio Review

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In this Squarespace Website Portfolio Review, I review a Squarespace website portfolio that is chock full of quality work, but I quickly notice some areas that need immediate attention.

Glenn, edits his photos with a filmy look and being someone who loves film, I dig the look of his processing. Some of his images have what appears to be added grain, but as I looked thru his portraits, I noticed that several of his images did not appear tack sharp – especially the eyes in portraits.

I wear reading glasses to check focus on the back of the camera and while editing on my computer screen. My vision is excellent thru the viewfinder, but to see clearly up close, I need reading glasses. No big deal.

Here’s a rule of thumb for shutter speeds. Set your shutter speed at or greater than the focal length of your lens. For example. If you’re shooting at 50mm, you want to shoot at least 1/50 sec, however I recommend you double your focal length – especially if you’re shooting wide open.

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