Shoot what you love, Love what you shoot – Making a Music Video

Here I show you how I made the music for my videos with my good friend Andy Baldwin, an Australian record producer with a recording studio in Brooklyn called Rola Pola.

We both started our careers humbly by following our passion. Andy began as a “tea-boy” (aka glorified intern) at a recording studio and over the years quickly became the well-respected record producer he is today. I began my career shooting bands in college as I felt a strong connection to the musicians and at the time didn’t even realize I was building my career – I was just shooting other cool creative people that I felt a connection with.

I go on to discuss how you may not always have a paid gig but that shouldn’t stop you from creating a cool project to shoot. Your photography is a commodity and there are heaps of opportunities for you to barter. Whether you’re a sports fan, cook, musician, pilot, whatever your passion, see if you can align yourself with like-minded cool creative people and your passion will inform your photography. Shoot what you love and love what you shoot!