Shoot What You Love And Make It Count!

In this video, I share with you guys my mentality when shooting a personal project. I shot my friend Tim Harney’s custom built BMW motorcycle and knew that when I shot it, we would be pitching it to websites, blogs, and Instagram feeds in the custom motorcycle world.

Sure enough, the photos got published in motorcycle magazines and posted on some of the biggest motorcycle feeds and the images looked great. I talk about how I shot the images, shooting with the Fuji X-Pro 2, the way I edited the photos and the variety of photos I shot.

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When you’re shooting motorcycles, you want to capture multiple angles. Front, rear, sides, details etc. The images need to tell the story of the custom build and all of the refinements and details. I also like to capture an image of the builder with the bike.

I left a good bit of room on some of the images because I know that it’s common for many of these websites to square crop for their Instagram feeds. I don’t mind that so much – especially when I know my image is being shared with close to one million people!

I love motorcycles and especially vintage BMW’s. I started riding when I was a teenager on my Dad’s vintage BMW and I still have that bike today. Photographing motorcycles just feels natural to me, however when I take photos of bikes, I always think of the editorial possibilities. I want to be sure my images can be shared.

I have gotten work thru sharing these types of images. So I can only encourage you guys to shoot things you love and when you do so, think of your audience. I’m not saying you should shoot things strictly commercially. In fact, it’s better that you put your personal style on the images, but keep in mind that there is always an opportunity to market your brand.

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