Setting the White Point in Lightroom

In this video, I show you guys some helpful tips for basic Lightroom editing. In the Develop module, you can hold down the Option key (mac) or Alt key (PC) to mask the image while you’re adjusting the Exposure, Highlights, Shadows, White Point and Black Point sliders.

While the option / alt key is held and you move the sliders, you can see where you have under or overexposed areas and adjust clipping. I find this can be very useful for editing, especially for adjusting the White Point.

With all photo editing, it’s always a matter of taste. This means that just because you don’t have clipping or you do have clipping, you are not obligated to eliminate clipping or push to the point of clipping, but having a visual reference can be very handy.

I don’t edit based on the numerical values of my sliders. I adjust for taste. However, I do feel that especially with color images, setting the White Point is a great reference for getting colors to be more true overall.

After I take you thru this process, I speed up the video toward the end while I finish the edit and post the final edit at the very end.

I feel that editing is a creative process. There is no right or wrong. My editing style and process is always evolving and I hope sharing these tips helps you with your workflow.

You can see the final edit on my Flickr page.

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