Rotolight Neo – Real World Review!

In this video, I talk to you guys about the Rotolight Neo LED continuous lighting system during an actual photo shoot.

You guys know how much I like off-camera flash whether it be studio strobes or small speedlights. I love crushing ambient light and then popping some flash on my subject to add drama to the scene and have my subjects pop.

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I haven’t used a continuous lighting solution for my photography. Ive used continuous lighting for video which is very helpful and when I shoot DSLR video, I’m typically shooting at 50 FPS, so I don’t need a TON of light for getting my subjects lit properly.

The Rotolight Neo is a bi-color LED lighting system that is super-simple to use. There’s a brightness dial and a temperature dial. The cool thing is that you can set the color temperature on all of the lights you are using to really balance your scene. You can also add colored gels to the lights for cool effects.

The Rotolight Neo’s are very small, compact and powerful. They have a ton of hardware mounting points, so you can easily hand-hold them, or put them on a stand, or even just on your camera’s hot shoe mount.

I like that they can run by AC adaptor or by AA batteries which are very common and relatively inexpensive. I also like that they use LED’s which are very bright and powerful, yet draw very little power and last for thousands of hours of use.

In addition to brightness and color temperature, the Rotolight Neo has many special effects that simulate things like, light from a fire, police sirens, thunder and more. I could really see these lights coming in handy for video production.

As for photography, my only critique is they they’re a bit underpowered for certain shooting situations. They’re not really going to be effective on a bright sunny day. However, in lower ambient light situations, they can be very good. For indoors as well.

I’m always looking to balance my lighting with ambient light and with the Rotolights, they put out continuous light that has to be considered with your subject and how you isolate them from the scene. I’ve only started using the Rotolight Neo’s and look forward to seeing what I can create with them over time.

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