Rockabilly Pin-up Photo Shoot with Commentary!

In this video, I take you on a live photoshoot and show you how I work with a model on set. I also give commentary throughout the shoot to share with you my mentality when doing a shoot like this and share with you some nuggets that may be helpful for you when you’re shooting with a model and strobes on a set.

For this shoot, I shot with a MamiyaLeaf medium format digital camera system. I had the Mamiya 645DF+ camera body, 80mm f/2.8 Schneider Kreuznach Leaf Shutter lens which is a 50mm equivalent in DSLR full-frame, with a Leaf Credo 40, a 40 megapixel back. I shot at f/2.8 and ISO 50. I varied my shutter speed from 1/250 – 1/1000 to control the ambient light in my exposures. I used 2 Paul Buff Einstein strobes triggered by a PocketWizard Plus III. My key light had a 4′ octa and my fill had a Photek 60″ Softliter. All of the images were edited in Capture One.

A couple hours before the shoot, I cleared the space, got my props set and fired some test frames. I knew that Jaci was going to show up camera-ready, meaning that she’d be dressed, her hair and makeup would be done, so that I’d be ready to shoot upon her arrival.

I knew that she only had about an hour for the shoot and that it was a cold day, so the clock would be ticking from the moment she arrived. Getting all of my basic settings in place would free me up to get on with the shoot and keep the flow going.

Prior to the shoot, I emailed Jaci with the concept and send her a bunch of Pinterest boards for inspiration. I knew I wanted to do a pin-up rockabilly-inspired shoot and had a pretty good idea of how I wanted her to look. As you can see, Jaci knocked it out of the park!

I cannot stress enough how important preparation is when planning a shoot. From developing and communicating the concept, to making sure you’ve got all the necessary tools available and taking the time to test everything so there are little or no surprises.

Every shoot will present challenges and you’ve got to be prepared for this. Not everything you plan is going to work and things are going to come up that you’ve got to work thru. Best thing is to keep cool and when something isn’t working, move on. Redirect your thoughts from the problem to a solution or workaround. Keeping positive will keep you in a good head space and keep the energy and positivity flowing with everyone on set.

I’m really happy with the images I made and learned a lot from this shoot. I share my thought on what I could have done differently and what I learned in the commentary.

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