Pretty Models Don’t Make Great Photos – Only You Do. A Brutally Honest But Not Harsh Critique.

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I give tons of constructive feedback in this website critique that’s helpful to any photographer on any level. Even though I am brutally honest with this critique, I am not being harsh. I see Kristy’s potential and only want to encourage her to make better photos.

It’s great that she has the ability to find models to photograph, but just because you’re taking photos of beautiful models doesn’t mean you automatically get beautiful photos. Giving your models direction is key to so important. Taking the time to scout your location and do some advance planning is key. Also thinking about your camera and flash settings and rehearsing some of these techniques before you go on your shoot.

Like many emerging photographers, this website needs more photos. There are a lot of duplicate photos and as I’ve said, you should only post your best.

There are also photos in categories that don’t have the same impact as the fashion work and should either be carved out of the portfolio or put in blog posts or on social media.

I also forgot to mention that I did not see any social media links. Social media is a great way to cross post your work and if you’re not taking advantage of social media for promotion and branding, you are missing opportunities.

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