Portrait Shoot With Jared Polin!

In this video, I take you behind-the-scenes for my first ever photo shoot with the Mamiya Leaf Credo 40 and Jared Polin!

I set up one off-camera speedlite, a Lumopro LP160 with an umbrella and nano stand. To trigger the flash, I put a generic infrared trigger on my camera. Basically, I was shooting with an expensive and highly-sophisticated camera and very unsophisticated and inexpensive flash.

This is somewhat of an odd pairing, but it shows that the brand of your gear or how much you spend on it isn’t important. I could have gotten good results with almost any camera, but since I just got the MamiyaLeaf, I was excited to test it out.

I took an ambient exposure of Jared without the flash to see how the ambient light would affect my exposure and then added my flash. I move the flash around and change the direction of the flash to feather the light.

By feathering the light, i’m controlling the spill from the umbrella. Umbrellas are great, but they cast a wide pool of light, so by angling it away from Jared so that only the light would fall off the edges, I was able to selectively light Jared and have the flash blend into the ambient exposure without overpowering my scene.

Once I get my flash exposure to where I like it, I proceed to do a portrait shoot with Jared, giving him direction, shooting from different angles, both horizontal and verticals and a couple different lenses.

It’s always good to shoot a variety of angles and mix horizontal and vertical shots when you do a shoot.

I shot these images at ISO 400 which for the Credo 40 was very high ISO and as a result, quite grainy. When I processed the images in Capture One, I tried color, but greatly preferred how they looked in black and white.

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