PhotoPlus Expo NYC 2017

Every year, PhotoPlus, one of the biggest Photo trade shows comes to the Javits center in New York City. This year’s PhotoPlus Expo was one of the best attended I’ve seen in years. There was a huge turnout. It’s great to see that there is so much excitement for photography. And with most full-frame cameras being used to shoot video, there are a lot more content creators out there.

Unsurprisingly, Canon, Nikon and SONY had the most impressive booths featuring their flagship cameras and photo demonstrations by professional photographers. Even though my bread-and-butter camera is Canon, I’m brand agnostic and at this point, I’d happily shoot Nikon or SONY. All three manufacturers have top-of-the-line cameras that are capable of incredibly high speed shooting, great focus, high ISO and 4k video.

I stick with Canon because I’m heavily invested in Canon L glass and I really do like the look I can achieve with my Canon rig. Canon didn’t have anything new in the professional realm to introduce, the 1DXMKII and 5DMK4 have been around for a few months, but it was still fun playing with them and testing the features. I really like the touchscreen on the 5DMK4.

The Nikon D850 looks like fantastic new camera and will only prompt Canon to raise the bar and come out with something even more competitive. My only beef is that I’m not really excited about 100mb RAW files. Seems like so much media to be storing so maybe not a great camera for shooting thousands of frames in a day unless you’ve got a fast computer and a lot of external storage.

SONY’s A9 and A7RIII are beasts that live in smaller mirrorless bodies. I can see how shooting mirrorless would be great due to the lighter weight and smaller size but at this point, Canon and Nikon have more available glass and are somewhat ubiquitous in the professional realm, so I’ll be sticking with Canon.

I love shooting my mirrorless Fuji’s and wish that Fuji had a full-frame option. I love the look of Fuji’s sensor, but would like the resolution of full frame and am not 100% sure on how viable the medium format GFX50s would be as a daily shooter.

For anyone who’s on the fence about buying gear, the show is a great way to put the camera or lens or tripod in your hands and get a sense for how it feels. And speaking about medium format, Fujifilm was lending out their medium format GFX50s cameras! They were lending cameras for a full day to anyone who was lucky enough to sign up first thing in the morning. I’ve had my eye on that system since it was announced and can easily see adding one to my arsenal in the future. I didn’t get the chance to borrow one, but I do want to get my hands on a GFX50s and put it thru the paces.

I popped over to visit my friend’s at Westcott and immediately got sucked into Peter Hurley’s demo. Peter was demonstrating his Westcott portrait lighting kit and needed a subject so I gladly obliged. After the show, he sent me the shots so now I have myself a Peter Hurley headshot!! Awesome. Being in front of Peter’s camera is a real trip. He mixes his blend of electric energy and humor and voila! He gets the best of you in a headshot.

I headed into the Feisol booth. I’ve been using a carbon fiber Feisol tripod and carbon fiber ballhead for years. Being that it’s carbon fiber, their products are lightweight and durable. I like that the company is so committed to making superior products without becoming a mass-market operation. You buy direct from them and they keep their prices reasonable.

I checked out the ThinkTankPhoto booth and wow, what a mob scene! So glad to see those guys doing well with so much interest in their products. It’s funny but I’ve been using ThinkTank gear for years and years and always have at least one or more ThinkTank bags with me at all times.

I visited the Zeiss booth and am very interested in their Otus lenses. These lenses are designed for full-frame cameras and are manual focus. The thing about the Otus lenses is that they produce high resolution and outstanding definition much like the look you can achieve with medium format cameras. I’m excited to pair the Otus lenses with my Canon full-frame camera.

Overall, the show was fantastic. It’s always great seeing old friends and making new friends every year at the show. I love having the chance to hold and test so much cool gear. And getting to talk to the manufacturers and developers directly. Even thought the photography world seems huge, this show makes it real and you really get a hands-on experience with so much exciting gear.

Toward the end of the show, I ran into my good friend, Jared Polin. We grabbed dinner and then headed uptown to the Adobe party which took place on a private roof terrace at Rockefeller Center. So cool!