Do Not Underestimate The Power Of Your Blog!

In this video, I share with you guys the website portfolio from an emerging travel photographer. Not only does Mason make nice travel photo stories, he also does storytelling thru video.

Nowadays, most of us have DSLR’s with video capabilities. If you haven’t dabbled into video, you’re missing out. Being able to capture video is becoming an essential part of our job as photographers.

I often get hired as a photographer and the client also wants video. This not only adds my value as a photographer, but allows me to be more versatile with booking jobs.

Mason has a great eye for travel photography. He mixes portraiture with landscapes all while telling a story. Storytelling is a huge component of photography and one of the key aspects of travel photography.

I like that Mason keeps his portfolio galleries lean. There’s only essential photos and they’re concise.

I feel that Mason is lacking with his blog. He even mentions in the fundraising page that he will be updating his travels on his blog, but there are no updates. He’s got links to photographers up there and I feel that he’s missing a great opportunity to embellish his work and his cause and would like to see him really flesh out his blog with photos and writing about his travels.

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