Nikon D4 Studio Fail

Don’t get me wrong, the Nikon D4 is a seriously amazing camera, however after today’s studio shoot, I’m a bit annoyed and frustrated and will tell you guys all about it in the video.

Now flash to the Nikon D4 and there are no tethering options available at the moment. Seriously. None. At least none that I was able to make happen and I tried quite a few different ways to get it going. Lightroom 4 does not support tethering with the Nikon D4. Lightroom 3 does not support the Nikon D4 files, so as you guessed it, it sure doesn’t support tethering with the D4.

This is the trouble with being an early adopter. Lesson learned. I typically don’t jump on this sort of thing but this is one of those cases that I made a lot of assumptions and you know what they say what happens when you assume….

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