Nice Website From A 17-Year-Old Photographer!

In this video, I review a Squarespace portfolio from a 17-year-old photographer that has some impressive work. His website is well laid-out and he’s carefully edited his work so that he’s showcasing only his best.

As a photographer or as any visual artist, your website portfolio is your virtual business card. The minute anyone hears about you, the first thing they do is go to your website.

You want your website portfolio to showcase only your very best work. It should be easy to navigate. It should be easy to find your contact details.

I’m so impressed with Aubrey’s work, especially considering he’s only 17! To have such a clear vision and concise shooting and editing style at that age means that he’s off to a great start and the Squarespace platform is great for showcasing his work.

I noticed a few areas that I feel Aubrey can improve his website and offer my suggestions for this.

If you want me to review your website, email brooklynphotoworks (at) gmail (dot) com. I’ve received a ton of your websites for review so please be patient as it will take me a while to get thru them all, however please keep sending me your work.

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