Lightroom Quick Tips

Here’s some Lightroom quick tips to enhance your workflow. Going thru images can be daunting. Trying to make quick picks shouldn’t be something that is time consuming or complicated and in this video I demonstrate how I like to expedite that process using keyboard shortcuts and some hidden gems in Lightroom.

I talk about how you can use the “P” key for picks that flag the images and the “X” key for rejects that mute the images. It’s like the yes or no button, P for Yes and X for no. And you can always hit “U” for undo. That will undo the assigned flag. I also use the arrows on the keyboard to advance thru my film strip, another time saving tip.

I then go on to talk about how you can put the individual modules in “Solo Mode” so that you only see the module you are working in to eliminate clutter on your screen. This can be very handy and help to keep your workflow streamlined. You can also easily hide any or all modules as needed, depending on how you work. All of this can quickly be restored, so you can easily adapt to any session you’re in.

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