Lightroom Dehaze tool!

In this video I show you guys some advanced editing features in Lightroom using the Dehaze Tool to retouch a portrait and demonstrate how you can use the Dehaze tool as a brush for amazing results.

The Dehaze tool is meant to recover details of an image that may be washed out from haze. Conversely, you can also recover details of an image that may be dark due to backlight haze.

I’ve decided to use this tool to recover details from a portrait with a washed-out background. The exposure on my subject is great, but the background is overexposed, so I use the Dehaze tool to recover the details from the background.

The Dehaze tool has a bit of magic. It does a beautiful job of recovering detail without the awful halo effect that can happen if you add too much clarity or over reduce the highlights.

I show you how to paint the effect over the background of the image using the overlay option so that you see exactly what area will be affected by the brush.

I like both edits, but there’s something nice about having options that you can quickly create at your fingertips.

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