Intro to Event Photography

Event and party coverage is something that most photographers will do from time to time. Getting the most out of covering the party without being too intrusive can be a delicate balance especially when you’re covering an event that isn’t like a wedding where it’s expected that there will be photographers.

In this video, I discuss some of the the things to keep in mind when covering an informal party or event and what gear to consider bringing as well. Granted, this is not THE only way to go about doing things, however I use this example because the event was intimate and in a very small space.

When you’re covering an event, be sure to get photos of the host and any key people that are in attendance. If you’re not sure who anybody is, you can ask their name and either write it down or use a voice recorder – even your smartphone – to record their name and say the file number so you have it later. Also, make sure to get detail shots – both of the space and decor. And most of all, have fun! If you’re in good spirits, people will be more inclined to be comfortable with you taking their photo.

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