High Speed Sync with Pocketwizard Plus III’s!

In this video, I share with you a very cool and little-known feature with the PocketWizard Plus III. I’ve been using PocketWizards for ages and have replaced most of my older units with Plus III’s. They’re incredibly robust with all of the solid build quality and reliability you expect from Pocketwizard.

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I discovered a special feature that allows you to do high speed sync and in this video I show you how I sync my strobes at 1/1600 sec. Normally, the PocketWizard Plus III would max out at 1/500 sec. 1/500 is a pretty nice sync speed, but some times, when you want to shoot wide open apertures and crush ambient light you need a faster shutter speed.

I set up a quick photoshoot to demonstrate the difference in exposure by adding a flash at 1/1600 sec! I’m shooting with a medium format camera and leaf shutter lens that can sync up to 1/1600 with flash, so naturally I want to shoot at the maximum. Please note that you will be limited to your camera’s maximum sync speed, and not all camera are capable of shooting high speed sync in this fashion. For example, a Nikon or Canon typically maxes out between 1/200 – 1/250 sec.

I also show you how to configure the PocketWizards for high speed sync and take you thru the configuration step by step.

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