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I get a ton of emails with websites to critique and Ozan’s website really stood out for me. Ozan creates all of his work with analog equipment. He uses only older manual film cameras and film. This is no easy task and his work is very strong considering the medium he’s chosen.

Film has an amazing quality that is hard to replicate with digital. Sure there’s tons of plugins and presets that you can use to get the look of film, but shooting images with an old manual focus camera and film has a quality that is all it’s own. Ozan shares his camera and film he uses for each photo set which is very cool. He’s not just creating great images, but sharing the tools he uses. He’s proud of his work and technique as he should be.

Ozan’s website is very clean and simple full of very strong work. I like how he’s laid out his work as photo stories. That’s how he thinks and it works for his photos. There are a few areas I think he could improve his website and offer my ideas as suggestions to help his work shine.

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