Fujifilm X100 First Impressions

Ever since the announcement for the Fujifilm X100, it became an object of desire. A fixed 35mm f/2 lens in a rangefinder-like body with manual controls and serious build quality?!?! And not even close to what a digital Leica costs – so in the grand scheme of things, semi-affordable.

I’ve been shooting with this camera like crazy and love it. Will it replace any of my DSLRs? No. Will I shoot with it professionally? Yes. Will it be my only camera on a job? No. Will I have it with me pretty much all the time? Yes. And for that last reason alone, it’s a great camera. I don’t get any joy toting my D3s and pro-lens around for casual shooting. Sure the D3s is AMAZING. Yes, it’s AMAZING but it’s huge, heavy, imposing and so freakin accurate, that it’s nice to slow down and simplify. I feel the X100 is the closest thing to a manual film camera I’ve ever shot (other than the Leica M9) and at the price point, it’s a winner in my book.