The Fuji X100F is the BEST X100 Yet, And Here’s Why

In this video, I share my first impressions of the Fujifilm X100F. Most of you know by now that I’ve been a Fuji fanboy since the original X100. I’ve actually owned every Fuji X100 from the original to the Fuji X100S, Fuji X100T and now the Fuji X100F. The F is the fourth iteration of this camera.

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If you own a Fuji X100T should you upgrade to the Fuji X100F? Let me tell you a bit more before you decide.

The Fuji X100F has a faster processor and faster focusing. Both huge plusses. It now uses the same bigger battery as the XPro2 and XT2 which is a huge advantage not only because it lasts longer, but you can share batteries and chargers between cameras.

My favorite new feature is the joystick for setting focus points. Combined with the faster focusing, the joystick makes it so easy to set your focus point and really speeds up your workflow.

There are many refinements to this camera. Everything has been tweaked to make it what I think is the best iteration yet. The Fuji X100F is not a revolutionary camera, but a serious evolution with a lot of upgrades.

Should you replace your Fuji X100T with a Fuji X100F? Well, if you want faster focusing and the joystick for setting focus points, then yes. And if you’re new to the X100 series, then skip right past the Fuji X100T and get theFuji X100F.

Here’s what I think Fuji missed with the X100F
– touch screen
– articulating screen
– weather sealing
– 4k video

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