Friday Flickr Photo Critique #016

This photoset really stood out because of Nermin’s excellent use of vintage camera’s to capture modern scenes in a classic way. I also really liked that not only does Nermin have a point of view, but his photo set was consistent with his theme and subject.

Nermin also spent time thinking about his photography and coming up with a more cohesive set of images than he first submitted. Even though he shot with a variety of film cameras and films, he still maintained a solid and consistent set of images.

There are a variety of scenes from streetshots to candids and Nermin is sharing with us his unique view from his part of the world – and capturing it fully manually on film!

I was quite impressed with Nermin’s photo set and am only offering my opinion and insights which at times may seem harsh, but are honest and full of encouragement, so great job Nermin and keep up the good work!