Friday Flickr Photo Critique #004

This week we’ve got a very special guest on the Friday Flickr Photo Critique. Yes, you guessed it, we’ve got Jared, aka Fro Knows Photo, with me in this special edition of the Friday Flickr Photo Critique! This photoset really stood out because Trevor is an ambitious young photographer, experimenting with different styles and techniques. He’s shooting with a Canon DSLR, a classic Canon Film Camera, and even throwing in some cool Polaroid shots.

I selected this set because it opens the discussion about different mediums of photography. Trevor does a great job capturing a bunch of different styles of photography in a variety of mediums and I give him props for his creativity and execution. It’s also nice to have The Fro on board for this critique because he’s got a cool way of seeing and discussing photos that adds a lot to this critique.

We were both impressed with Trevor’s photoset and are only offering our opinions which at time may seem harsh, but are honest and full of encouragement.