Edit your photo galleries and instantly improve your website!

Its very common for photographers to want to post as much work as possible on their websites but there’s a few easy steps editing and organizing that will improve your portfolio.

Editing your photo galleries is a must. Carefully review all of the photos you want to post and look for similarities. If you’ve got a bunch of photos from a photo set that are similar in look and feel, then you may want to cut some down.

Post only your best photos. I’ve said it before and will say it again. A great photo next to a good photo will not be as strong. Cutting the secondary photos will strengthen the best ones.

Organize your photos into galleries, but not too many galleries. If you see that your photos fall into distinct groupings, then separate them accordingly. But be careful not to load up these galleries with too many photos and not to post too many galleries.

People have a very short attention span online, so only your best work that’s well organized will get looked at.

I think Matthew did a great job with the Squarespace.com platform and his website looks really good, but I offer some critique for how I think he can make it better with some simple tweaks, edits and organization.

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