Create Custom Brush Presets in Lightroom

In this video, I show you guys how to create custom brush tool presets in Lightroom. I get asked all the time how I have so many presets in my brush tool menu and how they got there. I show you guys with a real photo edit how I create and save a custom brush tool preset to my brush tool preset menu.

With any presets, I always say that they can be handy as a starting point. Even the ones you create. That means, just because you’re using a preset, you don’t have to stick with the settings from the sliders but can use the preset as a starting point for your edit.

Sometimes when you’re editing multiple images and using the brush tool, a preset that you can apply to similar images can be a great time-saver. That way you don’t need to try to re-create the brush tool settings every time you go to a new image, but have those settings saved as a preset for easy access.

I like to move quickly when I’m editing and when I find helpful, time-saving tips, I apply that to my workflow.

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