Create a Photo Studio ANYWHERE!

You guys know how much I love to crush ambient light! In this video, I set up an outdoor photo studio with a 2-light setup for portraits. The idea is to crush the ambient light so that it doesn’t affect our exposure and build our exposure from scratch – with flash!

For this video, I’m using the Cactus RF60’s and a Cactus V6 Wireless Transceiver. I take you thru the process of getting my exposure using just the softbox. The idea is that I want tightly focused light on my subject’s face, so I even grid the softbox to minimize spill.

Once I’ve gotten my exposure on the subject’s face, I then add some fill light to my subject’s form. I build this from scratch and then blend the fill to my key light.

Flash isn’t as hard as you may think. It’s about trial and error based on predictable results. I build my exposures and talk about what I’m doing along the way and pop up each image I take on the screen so you guys can see exactly what I’m doing.

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