Clean Up Your Photos Before Editing!

In this video, I show you guys how I clean-up on my image before editing. Once I’ve done the clean-up, I get into some advance editing techniques using the brush tool and spot healing tool.

I try to shoot images as clean as possible. I don’t shoot for the edit, but I do shoot knowing that I am going to edit. And what I mean by that is that I’m not shooting images that I will just “fix” in editing.

I use Lightroom to create a digital negative. I start with cleaning up the image and find that I can edit the image more easily when the distractions have been addressed. Cleaning up can include, straightening the image and getting rid of distracting blemishes with the spot healing / cloning tool. In this case I removed the florescent light fragments in the top of the frame.

I then use the brush took to darken my background. Even though I did my best to crush ambient, there was still a hint of shapes in my background that I didn’t want to see. I show you how to turn the overlay on and off while applying the brush tool so that you can see the area that the brush is affecting.

I add a little clarity and touch up the foreground, then I get into making exposure adjustments to the image to complete the edit.

I use keyboard shortcuts and talk about that while editing. I find that keyboard shortcuts are a huge time saver for editing.

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