How to Build a Squarespace Photography Website!

A lot of you guys asked me to show you how to actually build a website using Squarespace. Even though SquareSpace is incredibly easy and intuitive, I made this video to show you how there’s just a few steps to building a sweet Photography portfolio website.

Here’s what I recommend to everyone before building your portfolio website.

1) Organize. Use Lightroom or something similar to organize your images into individual galleries. Edit each gallery so that only your BEST images are in there.
2) Less is more. You don’t need multiple images of the same thing unless you’re showing a photo story where there is context. This means that if one image is the STRONGEST from that set, then that’s the one you want to post.
3) Play to your strengths. For example, let’s say you’ve mainly shot people and pets. Then highlight those images on your site. You don’t need to be a jack-of-all-trades. Showing a degree of specialty is good.
4) Consistency. Make sure your image editing is consistent. Look at them in grid view and check that the toning and editing has a similar vibe. You wouldn’t want to place one color image in a gallery of 12 black and white images. If that one color image doesn’t fit, then cut it.
5) Proofread. Proofread all of your text for your About and Contact pages.
6) Test. Test all of your social media links and any links you may add to your site.
7) Ask for Help. Don’t be afraid to contact SquareSpace help. They are incredibly helpful and responsive and will get back to you asap with your questions whether they’re big or small.
8) Keep it fresh. Your website is a work in progress, so once you put up your best work, know that you will be swapping out better work as you shoot it. You don’t need to constantly refresh it, but it’s okay to update your work every few months.

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