How to build a Photography Website in under an hour! Use code ADAM for 10% off.

Photographers often ask me how to build a web site for their work. Often times, they’re scared by building a web site because of all the work involved. In the past, I had to hire someone to build a website for me. And every time I wanted to make an update, I had to contact someone to make changes. Well that’s no longer the case.

I was looking for a simple, elegant and robust website platform I was looking for a simple, elegant and robust website platform for my portfolio website, Something that had the professional look and feel, without all of the technological mumbo jumbo. I know nothing about coding so when I found, I was over the moon. Not only is a breeze to use, the price is so affordable.

I recently switched to after I signed up for the 14-day free trial and within minutes, I knew it was the platform for me. In no time, I had pages built, galleries loaded and found a theme that I liked.

All of this took me just a few minutes to get started and within an hour, all of my galleries were loaded, images ordered, my pages were set and I was up and running.

I was concerned about migrating my domain. That meant logging into a control panel and messing with DNS servers and CNAMEs and all kinds of technical crap that I know nothing about. provided a link directly in the custom domain window that showed me detailed, step-by-step instructions on exactly what to do and literally within minutes my domain was set. It was that easy.

I also had concerns about migrating my WordPress blog. In the past, I had to call someone to manage all of the backend for the blog. When upgrading to SquareSpace, they provided a blog migration tool that seamlessly harvested all of the info from my WordPress blog. All the posts, images, tags migrated to SquareSpace seamlessly and in so little time.

I only partner with companies whose products I use and believe in. Even if I weren’t partnered with SquareSpace, I would recommend it. Using my links and codes helps me. I want you to know that. However the discount should help anyone who’s considering a website and wants to save some money.

Send me your SquareSpace sites for Portfolio Critiques. Title your message “SquareSpace Portfolio Critique” and I will do my best to check out as many of your sites as possible.

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