BrooklynPhotoWorks Squarespace Portfolio Review: Motos, Maternity and Short Shorts!

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In this Squarespace Portfolio Website Review, I see a photographer’s website that has a lot of potential and with a few tweaks, could be a lot better.

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Guiseppe’s website has a wide variety of imagery, and I think he needs to really edit things down. I’ve always said that good images next to great images reduce the impact of the great ones. There are some truly solid images here, but there’s just too much repetition and in this case, Less is More.

I’d like to see Guiseppe trim the excess from his site. I want to be able to click and expand the images to a larger size. I want to see branding on the landing page and I really want to see an about page or incorporate a photo and brief bio for him on his contact page.

I enjoyed looking at his photos and want to see him keep up the good work!

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