BrooklynPhotoWorks The Machine Episode 003: Bogus Contracts, Data Recovery, Copyrights.

Here’s Episode 003 of, The Machine. The Machine is an ongoing discussion about the business of Photography, Filmmaking, Podcasting and Music featuring me, Adam Lerner, and my good buddy Larry Milburn.

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In Episode 003, we talk about contracts, copyrights and image usage. With digital photography and social media, clients want unlimited usage of imagery but no longer want to pay for that privilege. As photographers, we’ve had to adjust to that as there is no longer exclusivity.

We also talk about having a strategy for backing up and restoring your data and files on your computer. My laptop died and I didn’t really suffer because everything was backed up or on the cloud and easy to restore.

00:01:00 Westcott Flex LED Mat
00:10:44 TimeMachine, DropBox, iCloud: What is Your Recovery Plan?
00:16:36 Things Are Going To Happen: Back Up Your Data
00:18:40 Insure Your Gear: Don’t Expect Your Friends To Replace It
00:27:55 Licensing Your Photos / Bullshit Contracts
00:34:43 Don’t Assume Clients Know What You’re Thinking! Get Things In Writing!
00:44:51 90/10 Rule. The Business of Photography Can Be Tough. Amazing.
00:46:00 Copyrights? How Do I Charge For This?
00:55:40 Self-Assignments on Film
00:59:10 Smorgasbord: We Digress…

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