The BEST Camera Bag Just Got Better!

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In this video I share with you guys the brand-new ThinkTank Airport Security V3. The ThinkTank Airport Security has always been their flagship camera bag. I bought my Airport Security V2 many years ago and have used it non-stop ever since. I love the rugged build quality, excellent quality materials and that it’s relatively lightweight for a rugged camera bag.

The evolution of the ThinkTank Airport Security V3 is fantastic. You can see every aspect of the bag has gone thru some sort of improved re-design. I’m happy to see that there is now a dedicated pocket for your laptop and iPad. Previously, I’d been shoving them into the front pouch of my ThinkTank Airport Security V2, but I am happier that these items and now completely secured in protective zippered pockets.

I also noticed that ThinkTank did away with the shoulder straps. I actually never used them on the ThinkTank Airport Security V2 and by deleting them from the ThinkTank Airport Security V3, they made the back of the bag completely rigid and opened up space inside the bag while keeping the same profile.

I will migrate all my camera gear from the ThinkTank Airport Security V2 to the ThinkTank Airport Security V3 and know that it’ll continue to be secure and easy to access for any shoot.

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For a FREE gift from ThinkTankPhoto, use this link.

  • Clifford Martin

    I own the V2 of the bag and watched this video closely to see if I would want to upgrade.

    One of the things he left out is that inside of that back pouch area that contains the emergency backpack straps is also a hardened security cable and lock that allows you to secure the bag to some stationary object, just in case you have to leave the bag unattended and don’t want someone to carry it away. A second security cable and lock is located in the front pouch in one of the zippered compartments. His video didn’t mention if either of these security cables are in the new version.

    BTW, the emergency backpack straps on the V2 bag aren’t there for you to routinely use the bag as a backpack. They are there in case you come across some terrain, like a wet and muddy field, where you can’t roll the bag and you don’t want to carry it by the handles.

    The pouch on the side is where I keep the provided accessory straps for strapping a full sized tripod to the side of the bag.

  • I wouldn’t recommend upgrading to a V3 from a V2 unless your V2 is in terrible condition or maybe you just need another bag.